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Phone: 401-949-3630
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Greenville Public Library
573 Putnam Pike
Greenville, RI 02828


1. An exhibit release will be signed in advance of exhibiting or displaying work.

2. Unless specified, artwork will be hung only in the designated public gallery
areas (see highlighted areas of the floor plan).

3. The beginning and ending dates of the exhibit will be the first day and
last day of the assigned month. In the event that the library is closed
on the first day of the month and the last day of the month, the beginning and
ending day will be the next day the library is open. Please adhere to the
assigned schedules as it ensures an easier seque for
the artist who follows you.

4. Artwork will be hung only where mouldings and hardware are already present.
Please do not put nails into the walls, mouldings or display cases. We request that
no marks or tape be put on walls or display cases. Please place pads on back of
artwork to protect walls.

5. Exhibitors are responsible for setting up or taking down exhibits or displays.
The Library’s personnel is not available for setting up or taking down work.
Exhibitors are responsible for bringing all necessary and appropriate supplies
for the exhibition of their artwork. A toolbox of limited supplies is
available. We request that you replenish any supplies used.

6. An inventory of pieces will be submitted to the Assistant Library Director
when the exhibit is mounted.

7. The Review Committee reserves the right to determine the appropriateness
of the exhibit material for the public library setting.

8. If you are interested in donating to the Library’s Holiday Silent Auction,
please contact the Assistant Director at 949-3630 ext. 117.