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Picture Books Author of the Month
Anne Rockwell
Anne Rockwell
8 February 1934 -- ???

    Anne (Foote) Rockwell was born on February 8, 1934 in Memphis, Tennessee to Emerson Foote and his wife Sabina (Fromhold) Foote. Her father was an advertising executive. Anne also had two sisters and a brother, who was named James.While she was born in Tennessee, she grew up in various parts of the United States since the family moved often. [2, 3, 4]

    Early in life, Anne found herself with an interest in drawing and painting. She started drawing when her family lived in New Mexico. She had an early interest in the Pueblo Indians who lived in the New Mexican mountains, and they appeared often in her early drawings.

    In 1952, Anne became a member of the production department of Silver Burdett, which is a publishing company in Morristown, New Jersey. The following year, she followed in her father's footsteps by working for an advertising firm. She was a secretary at Young and Rubicam in New York. Anne spent the next two years as an assistant recreation leader at Goldwater Memorial Hospital in New York.

    It was about this time that Anne met her future husband Harlow Rockwell, a fellow illustrator and designer. As they grew closer, it quickly became apparent that they worked well together. They were married in 1955 and wrote and illustrated a number of books together.

    Considering her childhood interest in drawing, it can be of no surprise that Anne went on to advanced studies in the arts. Anne studied art for three years at the Sculpture Center and the Pratt Graphic Arts Center in New York City.

    Harlow and Anne continued to create wonderful books together. At the same time, their family was growing. They had three children, two daughters named Hannah and Elizabeth and a son named Oliver Penn. Anne became interested in illustrating books after she and Harlow had their first child.  She has written and illustrated over 75 books and collaborated with her husbad on 26 others. The couple shared an art studio near their home in Greenwich, Connecticut. Harlow was also a free-lance magazine illustrator and a printmaker. He died in April 1988.
Information for this biography was taken from:
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    4) Saxon, Wolfgang. "Emerson Foote, 85, Who Headed Large Advertising Agency, Dies;" [Obituary] New York Times, July 8, 1992, p. 18 (Col 1).

Picture Book Titles
BdBk-Rockwell In the Morning (1986) - A little boy describes some of the things he does when he gets up in the morning.

E-Rockwell Apples and Pumpkins (1989) - In preparation for Halloween night, a family visits Mr. Comstockís farm to pick apples and pumpkins.

E-ROC  At the Beach (1987) with Harlow Rockwell - A child experiences enjoyable sights and sounds during a day at the beach.

E-ROC  Bear Childís Book of Hours (1987) - For each hour of the day, Bear Child participates in a new activity.  As he does, the reader sees the time on the clock.

E-Rockwell Bikes (1987) - Describes many different types of bikes, including the unicycle, tandem bike, racing bike, trail bike, and exercise bike.

E-ROC  Boats (1982) - Depicts boats of various sizes and uses.

E-Rockwell Cars (1984) - A simple look at cars and their uses.

E-Rockwell Come to Town (1987) - A visit to town includes stops at the school, the office, the supermarket, and the library.

E-Rockwell Fire Engines (1986) - Describes the parts of a fire engine and how fire fighters use them to fight fires.

E-Rockwell Gypsy Girlís Best Shoes (1966) - Maggie, a little gypsy girl, goes exploring through the city with a new pair of red shoes.

E-Rockwell Halloween Day (1997) - The ten preschoolers of Mrs. Madoff's class wear their Halloween costumes to school, filling the room with a cat, a pirate, a witch and other characters.

E-ROC  Handy Hank Will Fix It (1988) - Handy Hank the repair man has a typically busy day on the job fixing everything from a leaky sink to a broken window.  He also gets to observe other people working as well.

E-ROC  Honk! Honk! (1980) - A pig, a dog, a cow, and a boy chase the goose that nipped them.

E-Rockwell Hugo at the Park (1990) - Hugo the Labrador puppy goes for a walk in the park with his human friend and sees many interesting things.

E-Rockwell Hugo at the Window (1988) - Hugo the dog waits and waits at the window for his friend who is gone for a long time, but there is a surprise for Hugo when his friend returns.

E-Rockwell Mr. Panda's Painting (1993) - Mr. Panda, an artist, buys tubes of paint in every color and then goes home and paints a picture with them.

E-ROC  My Spring Robin (1989) with Harlow Rockwell - Before finding the robin she is searching for, a child discovers other interesting plants and animals in her backyard.

E-ROC  The Old Woman and Her Pig and 10 Other Stories (1979) - A collection of traditional fairy tales and fables that grown-ups and children can all enjoy together.

E-Rockwell On Our Vacation (1989) - Includes various objects and activities for the reader to identify as the Bear family enjoy their camping vacation on an island.

E-Rockwell Planes (1985) - Simple text and illustrations introduce different types of airplanes to the reader.

E-Rockwell Pots and Pans (1993) - Introduces the shiny colorful utensils in a kitchen cupboard, including the teakettle, the omelet pan, and the cake mold.

E-Rockwell Root-A-Toot-Toot (1991) - A cumulative rebus book in which several animals join a boy and his flute in a noisy procession.

E-ROC  Sally's Caterpillar (1966) with Harlow Rockwell - Sally finds a big, beautiful caterpillar and takes it home, but as the summer ends, she notices wondrous changes taking place.  The caterpillar is turning into a butterfly.

E-Rockwell Thanksgiving Day (1999) - Mrs. Madoffís preschool class learns about Thanksgiving and puts on a play about the origins of the holiday.

E-ROC  Things to Play With (1988) - Introduces a variety of situations and objects, including things to play with in the yard, at school, on snow and ice, and at a party.

E-ROC  The Toolbox (1971) with Harlow Rockwell - An easy-to-read description of the various tools that can be found in a toolbox.

E-Rockwell Trains (1988) - Simple text and illustration introduce a variety of trains and their uses to the reader.  Coverage includes freight trains, passenger trains, monorails, and subways.

E-Rockwell Trucks (1984) - Introduces a variety of trucks and their purposes to the reader.  Coverage includes moving vans, tow trucks, bookmobiles, and campers.

E-ROC  Up a Tall Tree (1981) - A woodcutterís son explores the nearby forest where he makes a discovery that changes his life.

Juvenile Non-Fiction Titles
J-398.209 ROC The Robber Baby: Stories from Greek Myths (1994) - Retells 15 tales from Greek mythology including the stories of Hermes, Demeter and Kore, Daedalus, Atlanta, and Pandora.

J-784.4 ROC El Toro Pinto and Other Songs in Spanish (1971) - A selection of Latin American songs children of all ages will enjoy.  English translation and guitar chords are provided for the various songs.

Titles Illustrated by Anne Rockwell
E-BRE  Cunninghamís Rooster (1975) by Barbara Brenner - Cunningham, the song writing cat, acquires a rooster who gives him inspiration for even greater songs, including his masterpiece.

E-MYERS The Dancers (1972) by Walter Dean Myers - When a young boy accompanies his father, a prop man, to the theater, he gets an introduction to the ballet.

J-612.3 SHO What Happens to a Hamburger (1985) by Paul Showers and Illustrated by - Explains the processes by which a hamburger and other foods are used to make energy, strong bones, and solid muscles as they pass through the digestive system.

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