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 Juvenile Books Author of the Month
Carolyn Haywood
Carolyn Haywood
3 January 1898 - 11 January 1990

Carolyn Haywood was born on January 3, 1898 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Charles and Mary Emma (Cook) Haywood. She had one younger brother, who became a silversmith. He passed away in 1958.

As a young girl, Haywood spent most of her spare time drawing and painting. She had hopes of becoming an artist.

After graduating from the Philadelphia High School for Girls and the Philadelphia Normal School in 1922, she spent a year teaching at the Friends Central School, a private school.

In 1923, Haywood received a scholarship for the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where she studied for three years. While at the academy, she became a Cresson traveling scholar when she was awarded a European scholarhip in 1924. She spent a year traveling the Continent before returning to her final year at the academy.

Upon returning in 1925, she started her studies in illustration under the tutelage of Elizabeth Shippen Green Elliott, whose illustrations appeared in Harper's and Scribner's magazines, and Jessie Wilcox Smith, who painted the covers for Good Housekeeping for 15 years. She was also an assistant to the mural painter Violet Oakely, who was working on a series of murals for the Pennsylvania State Capitol at Harrisburg, at this time. All three of these women were gifted pupils of Howard Pyle, who is well-known for his children's books in the area of fables.

"During this time I was becoming more and more interested in children's books and eventually, through my interest in illustration, I found my way to Harcourt where Elizabeth Hamilton was editor of their juvenile department. She encouraged me to write something about little American children doing the things that little American children like to do." [2] It was that conversation that gave Haywood the idea for her first book, "B" is for Betsy, which was published in 1939. She wrote eight books in the Betsy series.

Even when she was busy with writing, Haywood still made time to paint. She particularly enjoyed painting children's portraits. Haywood was also well-known for her painted murals, which can be found in banks and schools in the Philadelphia area. While the children in her books are not based on real children, when she worked on her illustrations she did use real children to model for her drawings.

In 1947, Haywood introduced her readers to a new character, Eddie, with her book Little Eddie. She continued writing and illustrating series books about Betsy and Eddie as well as a number of other characters for nearly half a century.

"My books are naturally intended for children from 4 to 11 and are written with the idea of supplying the beginning reader with books that are more developed than picture books." [2] Her books have been published in a number of languages including French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, and Swedish.

In the 1970's, Haywood stopped illustrating her books and let other artists, including Victor Ambrus, illustrate her stories. She is also noted for her holiday stories, which were published in the children's magazine Jack and Jill. She also wrote a number of adult books including Book of Honor, a collection of biographies of famous Pennsylvanian women.

When Haywood was not writing, she enjoyed reading, traveling and being with people.

Carolyn Haywood died on January 11, 1990.

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E-HAY A Christmas Fantasy (1972) -- Follow Santa through his childhood years and learn how he got into the toy-giving business.

E-HAY A Valentine Fantasy (1976) -- A tale of how Valentine's Day came into existance and how the heart became its symbol.

J-HAY "B" Is for Betsy (1939) -- Betsy experiences an interesting first year in school and looks forward to summer vacation at her grandfather's farm.

J-HAY Back to School With Betsy (1943) -- Third-grader Betsy and her friend Billy seem to be always getting into scrapes both inside and outside of school.

J-HAY Betsy and the Boys (1945) -- Betsy and her fourth-grade friends discover football.

J-HAY/J-P-HAY Betsy's Little Star (1950) -- Meet Betsy's little sister Star as she starts kindergarten.

J-HAY Betsy's Play School (1977) -- Betsy organizes a summer play school for six neighborhood children.

J-HAY Betsy's Winterhouse (1958) -- Betsy's father builds a winterhouse for her and her friends to play in during the winter.

J-HAY "C" Is for Cupcake (1974) -- Join Christie in the adventures she shares with her rabbit Cupcake and the other members of her first grade class.

J-HAY Eddie and the Fire Engine (1949) -- Eight-year-old Eddie Wilson, who collects valuable property and stray animals, acquires a goat and an old fire engine.

J-HAY Eddie Makes Music (1957) -- Eddie becomes an accomplished music maker when his friends all begin to take music lessons.

J-HAY Eddie's Menagerie (1978) -- Join Eddie as he gets a job in a pet shop and acquires a hat that soon becomes one of his most prized possessions.

J-P-HAY Halloween Treats (1981) -- A collection of short stories to get children of all ages in the mood for Halloween.

J-HAY Here Comes the Bus! (1963) -- Jonathan, otherwise known as Taffy, finds fun as he starts his school career.

J-HAY Here's a Penny (1944) -- The story of six-year-old Penny, whose real name is William, but who looked like a copper penny when he was adopted as a baby.

J-Haywood Little Eddie (1947) -- Whether Eddie's finding homes for a crowd of stray cats, preparing himself for a career in dogcatching, or picketing the baseball team, his happy adventures are sure to win lots of friends.

J-P-HAY Merry Christmas From Betsy (1970) -- A collection of previously published stories which relate the Christmas adventures of Betsy and her sister Star.

J-HAY The Mixed-Up Twins (1952) -- Meet the Onalds. Their real names are Ronald and Donald, but since they are twins and look exactly alike, they are always being mixed up by everyone.

J-HAY Penny and Peter (1946) -- Whenever Penny and his adopted brother Peter decide to help their parents, they usually end up in trouble.

J-HAY Penny Goes to Camp (1948) -- Penny and his adopted brother Peter are not looking forward to going to summer camp, but as the time to go approaches they change their mind.

J-HAY Primrose Day (1942) -- Merry Primrose Ramsay is a little English girl who comes to America because of World War II and finds fun and humorous adventures with her little cousin Jerry.

J-HAY Taffy and Melissa Molasses (1969) -- During her summer vacation, Melissa, her brother Taffy, and their friend Jon have one adventure after another, beginning with a Fourth of July flag-raising party.

J-Haywood Two and Two is Four (1968) -- Teddy and Babs Robinson move with their family to the country and meet Peter and Jane, who are visiting their grandparents for the summer.

"Carolyn Haywoood Papers" USM de Grummond Collection (http://www.lib.usm.edu/~degru,/findaids/haywood.htm) -This site is part of the University of Southern Mississippi's McCain Library Special Collection in literature. It includes a brief biography, a list of Haywood's works, and a list of the special pieces related to the author that the library owns.

Tiffany's Favorite Author: Carolyn Haywood (http://www.okcps.k12/ok.us/fillmore/tiffany.htm) - This site provides a brief biography of Haywood and a list of many of her popular children's books.

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