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Juvenile Books Author of the Month
Lynne Reid Banks
Lynne Reid Banks
31 July 1929 -- ???

Lynne Reid Banks was born on July 31, 1929 in London, England to James and Muriel (Marsh) Reid Banks.

She was evacuated as a "war guest" to Saskatchewan, Canada during World War II. The separation from her home at that time was to cause Lynne some trauma later. When she returned to England, she felt she had "missed" the war.

She first showed an interest in writing at a young age. She still has a letter she wrote to her mother when she was seven years old. It was one that she wrote to her mother when she was on holiday. "I described a conversation that was taking place in the same railway carriage, between another little girl and her nanny. The child had been promised that if she was good, she could have a donkey ride when they got to the seaside. Every time the train stopped, she would ask in a whiney little voice: 'Is the donkey here?' 'No dear, not yet,' the nurse would reply, patiently at first. 'Can I see the donkey now?' 'Donkey won't be here if you get off now.' 'Here? Here? Is the Donkey here?' And so on, till the poor nanny lost patience and shouted, 'If you say 'donkey' once more, I shall throw you out the window!!'" [1]

"Now, I don't believe she really said that. But I wrote it, to bring the scene to a satisfactory climax. Even so early in my life, I was shaping the truth to make a better story." [1]

Even though she enjoyed writing and found it easy, Lynne never actually considered it as a career. She decided that she was going to be an actress like her mother.

Upon graduating from secondary school, Lynne attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. While at the school she learned acting, singing, dancing, and all sorts of stagecraft. She graduated in 1949. She spent the next five years of her life as an actress. She also worked as a journalist and was the first woman reporter on British television.

In 1962, Lynne emigrated to Israel, where she lived on a kibbutz, a voluntary collective community. She found a job teaching English to Hebrew-speaking children. After a day's training, she was thrust before her first class. She had to depend on her knowledge of mime, movement, voice-projection, audience control, and drama, all of which she learned in acting school. All of her abilities paid off. She was a very successful teacher.

In 1965, Lynne married Chaim Stephenson, a sculptor and kibbutznik. They have three sons named Adiel, Gillon, and Omri.

Lynne has written twenty-five books, including volumes of Jewish history. She is best known for her Indian in the Cupboard series.

She now resides in Dorset, England with her husband. Lynne writes full-time and occasionally acts on radio. She has written more than thirty books

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Indian in the Cupboard Titles
J-P-BAN/J-LPeD-BAN The Indian in the Cupboard (1980) -- Omri receives two presents that will change his life: a plastic miniature Indian that magically comes to life inside a mysterious old cupboard.

J-Banks/J-P-BAN/J-LPeD-BAN The Return of the Indian (1986) -- A year after he sends his Indian friend, Little Bear, back into the magic cupboard, Omri decides to bring him back only to find that he is close to death and in need of help.

J-P-BAN The Secret of the Indian (1989) -- Omri and his friend Patrick must risk grownups discovering their secret when they find themselves in need of a friend's plastic toy doctors to save people from the dangerous world of the Old West, which the cupboard enables them to enter.

J-Banks/J-P-BAN The Mystery of the Cupboard (1993) -- After the family moves to the country and into a house recently inherited by his mother, Omri finds many secrets revealed to him when he accidentally discovers the link between the house and the magic cupboard.

J-Banks The Key to the Indian (1998) -- As Omri, his father, and the other members of his family learn more about the cupboard in his room, together and seperately they are caught up in several adventures that reveal more about its powers.

Other Titles
J-Banks The Adventures of King Midas (1992) -- King Midas comes to regret his wish to turn all he touches into gold and must deal with a magician, a witch, and a dragon as he tries to undo the magic spell.

J-Banks/J-P-BAN Angela and Diabola (1997) -- Mr. and Mrs. Cuthbertson-Jones are surprised when their expected baby turns out to be twin girls, and they are distressed when they find out that one of them is perfectly good and the other one is terribly bad.

J-P-BAN/J-LPeD-Banks The Fairy Rebel (1988) -- A rebellious fairy named Tiki, already in trouble for breaking the rule against wearing jeans, risks the further wrath of the Fairy Queen by trying to fulfill a human's special request for help.

J-P-BAN I, Houdini (1978) -- A boastful hamster with exceptional talent as an escape artist recounts his experiences chewing, wriggling, or squeezing his way out of various closed areas in his quest for the Great Outside.

J-Banks One More River (1992) -- Fourteen-year-old Leslie is upset when her parents abandon their comfortable life in Canada for a kibbutz in Israel prior to the 1967 War.

"Banks, Lynne Reid" Educational Paperback Association (http://www.paperback.org/authorbios/Banks_LynneReid.html) -- This site gives a biography written by the author as well as a list of her works and citations for resources to learn more about Lynne Reid Banks and her books.

Lynne Reid Banks (http://www.friend.ly.net/scoop/biograhphies/bankslynne/) -- At this site, visitors will find a brief biography of the populary children's author as well as information about her works.

The Official Lynne Reid Banks Website (http://www.lynnereidbanks.com) -- This is the official website for the popular children's writer. It includes activities and information relating to the author and her works.

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