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Board of Trustees

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Business Contributors 1987-1990

Business Community Matching Grants

Capital Campaign 1987-1990

Capital Campaign Donors

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Renovation and Expansion Benefactors

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Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Guests:

I warmly welcome you to the Dedication of the expanded and renovated Greenville Public Library. Today commemorates a new look for the Library, as well as the Library's one hundred and nine years of continuous service to the Town of Smithfield. On the fifteenth of May in eighteen eighty-two, a few dedicated residents founded the Greenville Library. Little did these residents know that they would also be founding a tradition of service to the community that would continue through many decades by lovers of libraries.

The cover of the Program displays the three major periods of growth of the Library since that founding date. These major changes were always made possible through the generosity and hard work of devoted patrons and friends, such as yourselves.

Today is the culmination of the dreams of the present day Trustees, who perceive a Library as a source of knowledge and culture for their Community. On this day, the Trustees place this expanded and renovated Library in your hands for safe-keeping. Guard it and treasure the knowledge that is contained within its walls, for Public Libraries are one of the last dispensers of free information and insight in the United States.



Flora Leigh-Curry

President, Board of Trustees


Music......................................................................... Senior High School Band James Seabra, Director

Welcome.............................................................. ...............Flora Leigh-Curry President, Board of Trustees

Flag Presentation Ceremony................... ................................ .Jean-Marc Fontaine Commander Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #10505


Presentation Officer, Allison Weston

Officer of the Day, Louis M. Jutras

Chaplain, Marcel J. Lacharite

Following the Flag Raising, the Officer of the Day will lead all in the "Pledge of allegiance." And then "The National Anthem" will be sung by all those present.


Introductions on the National Level.......................................................Joyce Smith, First Vice President Board of Trustees

Greetings from U.S. Senator Claiborne Pell

Greetings from U.S. Senator John F. Chafee's Aide,

James Barden

Greetings from U.S. Representative, Ron Machtley

Greetings from U.S. Representative, Jack Reed

Introduction on the State Level Wendy Polak

Secretary, Board of Trustees

Greetings from R.I. Senator Michael Flynn

Greetings from R.I. Representative Joseph DeAngelis

Greetings from The Smithfield Council President,

William J. Hawkins, Jr.

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Introduction....................................................................... Christopher La Roux Library Director

KeynoteSpeaker.................................................................... ......Bruce Daniels Director The R.I. Department of State Library Services

Introduction.......................................................................Rory Marcaccio, Esq. Second Vice President Board of Trustees

Junior High School Music Group.................................................Catherine Hopkins, Director

Introduction................................................................................David Leaver, Treasurer Board of Trustees

Essay Readers........................................... Melissa Calcagni , Roxanne Shafaee-Moghadam

Introduction...............................................................Flora Leigh-Curry President, Board of Trustees

Message............................................................Anthony Simeone, Smithfield Town Administrator


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Invitation to Tour the Greenville Public Library

(Music and Refreshments on the Lower Level)



Bruce Daniels is the Director of the R.I. Department of State Library Services (DSLS), a position he has held since 1988. Previously he held the position of Deputy Director of DSLS from 1978 to 1988, and he was a librarian with the Free Library of Philadelphia from 1973 to 1978.

Mr. Daniels is a member of several boards and associations, including the URI Graduate School of Library and Infomlation Studies Advisory Committee, R.I. Literacy Council, R.I. Library Association Federal and Government Relations Committees, Treasurer of the N.E. Document Conservation Center Board of Directors, Vice-Chair of the Council of State Library Agencies in the Northeast, American Friends Service Committee, to name just a few. 14e is a recipient of the White House Conference on Library and Information Services Task Force Citation of Recognition (1984), H.W. Wilson Staff Development Grant (1982), and was in Who's Who in Library and Information Services, (1982). Since 1983, he has had five articles published in professional journals.

Mr. Daniels earned his B.A. at Western Michigan University, cum laude, and his A.M.L.S. from the School of Library Science, University of Michigan. He currently resides in Cranston, R.I. with his wife, Deborah, and their daughter.

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The Trustees gratefully thank the following individuals for contributing to the beauty and the successful production of the Greenville Library Dedication Program.

The audio equipment by Harold Lawton, Jr. and Eric Spiney Ryfa.

The Apple Blossom Garden Club for the beautiful flowers.

The Gallagher Junior High School Chorus and Instrumentalists.

The Observer for the use of a negative.

Mrs. Susan Paquet for the decorated cake.

The Smithfield School Department for the use of the William Winsor Elementary School parking lot.

The Smithfield Senior High School Band.

The Tucker Funeral Home for a financial donation.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post #10505 for the State and National Flags and the Ceremony.

The William Winsor Elementary Students.

Last, but far from being the least, the Trustees express their appreciation to the Friends of the Library and our incredible Staff for their caring and giving attitude during the construction period. In gratitude for all the financial donations that have been given, the Trustees have listed, in the back of this booklet, the names of all Benefactors, Donors, and Contributors.

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Flora Leigh-Curry, President

Joyce Smith, First Vice President

Rory Marcaccio, Esq., Second Vice President

David Leaver, Treasurer

Wendy Polak, Secretary

Robert Bateman
Leslie Improta
Earl Brindle
George E. Kelley
Brenda D'Aguanno
Walter Kloc
Patti Folsom
Thomas Matt
Thomas Howell
Domini Ragosta
Kingsley Whipple, Past President

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Dennis Finlay
Walter Kloc
Patti Folsom
Thomas Matt
Thomas Howell
Christopher La Roux
Flora Leigh-Curry



Robert Bateman
Thomas Matt
Brenda D'Auganno
Christopher La Roux
Susan Marineau
Wendy Polak
Flora Leigh-Curry

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Christopher La Roux

Assistant Directorl Reference

Carol Smith Gallant

Assistant Reference Librarian

Dorothy Swain

Children's Librarian

Pauline Leaver

Administrative Secretary

Grace Castle Lemon


Brenda D'Aguanno

Head of Circulation

Norma Salzillo

Circulation Library Assistant

Marie Lowe

Library Assistants

Debbie Adler - Beth White - Patty McCarthy

Technical Services

Shirley Eagleson

Library Pages

Jacqueline Press - Brian Tessier

Cristina Gallant - Jessica Smith

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Susan Marineau, Chair

Debra D'Angelo

Sharon Feeley
Debbie Matt
Karen Balkun
Germaine Fritz
Elaine Muto
Jean Bateman
Laura Goudreau
Mary Palmieri
Nancy Beach
Barbara Guilbeault
Rita Piette
Patricia Cobb
Joan Jencke
Alicia Ruginis
Brenda D'Aguanno
Susan Kendall
Mary Jean Sisti
Betty Anne Donahue
Robin LaPrade
Sue Vandall
Paula Edwards
Pauline Leaver
Renee Reid
Elaine Farley
Grace Lemon
Fran Morrissey

Marie Strumollo

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Charles Lowe
A. Lester Curry
Dorothy Battey


Greenville Public Library Renovation and Expansion

- Capital Campaign 1987-1990 -



Champlin Foundation
The DeAngelis Family
Friends of the Library
Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Lisa
Mr. and Mrs. James Meehan
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Osenkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Sarah Perry
Rhode Island Foundation
Rhode Island Department of State Library Services
Town of Smithfield
The Greenville Library Trustees

Business Community Capital Campaign 1987-1990 -


Adler Brothers Construction Company

Alhambra Building Company, Inc.

Cavanagh and Sons, Inc.

Citizens Savings Bank

Eastland Savings Bank

Hebert Nursing Home

New England Telephone Company

Old Stone Bank

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- Capital Campaign 1987 - 1990 -


Mr. and Mrs. William Abramek

Scott and Donna Adler

Mr. and Mrs. F. Monroe Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Annicelli

The Audet Family

Dana and Kathy Audette

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Babcock

Mrs. Elizabeth G. Baker

Dr. James and Nicette Balukjian

The Bateman Family

(Matching Grant)

George L. and Louise Beattie (Matching Grant)

Dr. and Mrs. Camille Bedard

Charles and Mae H. Bissell

Mrs. Stephen Burgess (In Memory of Elizabeth G. Baker)

Mrs. Edith Calderara

Paul and Diane Cardin

William and Helen A. Carey

Mrs. Anna J. Cesaro

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Cicilline

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Costa

Janice and John Crouse (Matching Grant)

Herbert and Rosemary D'Arcy

David and Paula Edwards

Howard I. Finn, Jr.

Richard and Sheila Fontaine

Carol Gallant

Helen Gaudreau

Carol A. Gederman

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Green

The Greenville Grange

Robert Merrill Hall

Claire and George H. Hebert

Susan Hibbitt

Hubert and Priscilla Holt

Julianne lp and Larry Shaw

Dr. and Mrs. T. Everett Johnson

Dr. Brian Kenyon

Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Knight, Jr

Christopher La Roux

Joseph and Loretta La Roux

Judith La Roux Mullins

Claire and Paul LaRue

Grace Lemon

The Lockwood Family

Rev. Nelson Mackie

Charles and Lillian Mathieu

Dr. and Mrs. John T. McBride

Paul and Sylvia McMillan

Dr. Thomas Micolongh

The Codega Family

Mrs. Mary Pascone (In Memory of Dr. John Pascone)

Mrs. Mary Mowry

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Matching Grants

Bank of Boston (George Beattie)

Premark International, Inc. (Robert Bateman)

US Air (John and Janice Crouse)

Textron (Kingsley Whipple)

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Capital Campaign 1987-1990

The Aceto Family

Katherine and Laurie Adams

Neil Adler

Nicholas Adler

Ann Marie and Louis Agugiaro

Helen Albies

L. Dexter and Clara Aldrich

Stanley E. and Dorothy Ames

Annah L. Anderson

Carl and Valeska W. Andren

John D. Atkinson

Mr. and Mrs. A. Edward Azevedo

Marlon and Janet Bailey

Margaret T. and Aldo Baldisseri

The Barden Family

Dr. and Mrs. Hans-Jurgen Barrach

Raymond and Sandra Barrow

The Bartlett Family

Paul J. Battey

Arthur Bennett (In Memory of Elizabeth G. Baker)

Bruch M. and Bonnie Bennett

Maureen L. Bennett

Richard D. Bennett (In Memory of Elizabeth G. Baker)

Robert and Carolyn Bertsch

John and Kathryn Biggins

Peter and Susan Bissell

Robert and Loretta Bixby

The Boisvert Family

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Borst

The Bourdo Family

Virginia Bowry

Robert and Sue Ann Brayley

Martha Brown

Barbara Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Bulger

Alfred J. and Olga S. Buipitt

John and Florence Butler

The Butterworth Family

David and Joan Byerlee

Loretta Caione

Dr. and Mrs. Carmine Capalbo

Jane R. Cardosa

Joan and Peter Carlson

Ralph and Mildred Carlson

Antonetta Carroll

James and Margaret Carroll

Pietro M. and Dorothy Castriotta

Col. and Mrs. Albert Chagnon

Irene M. Champoux

Norman Chapman

Raymond and Janet Chaput

Suzanne Christiansen

Frances and Albert Ciancaglini

Mr. and Mrs. Lino Ciardelli

Samuel and Deborah Ciotola

Gerard and Marie Cobleigh

M. Jeanine Collard

Luke R. and Janet 0. Conboy

Helen Connelly

Mary N. Connole

Barbara Conti

Mary Jane Costello

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cotte

Edris and Ralph Crockfor

Margaret and Richard D'Amato

Debra D'Angelo

Dahlquist Family

Danise and James Davis

Dolores Decesare

Anna T. DeFilippo

Alessandro and Lena DeQuattro

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DeQuattro

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Derham

Shirley A. Dobson

Jeannie C. and Robert Dorsett

George N. and Loretta Dubuque

Robert J. and Coleen Ducharme

Christine W. Dufresne

Frederic Duhamel

Eleanor M. Dunkerley

Peter DuPont

Jill and Bruce Ellsworth

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Engelmann

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Esposito

Mr. and Mrs. Irving E. Ewers

Ronald and Christine Fandetti

Sheila and John A. Fanning

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Farrar

Rita Farrelly

Joan S. Ferguson

Thomas A. and Helen Ferguson

Gardner Ferrent

Mrs. Dorothy A. Fitzpatrick

Bernardo F. Gentile

Paula and William George

Ann Gerlach

Anthony J. Germano

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Gifford

John R. and Gertrude Godfrey

The Goins Family

Laura and William Goudreau

David and Kathleen Greene

Gladys V. Hardman (In Memory of Elizabeth G. Baker)

Michael Hart

Lorraine C. and George Hartmann

Haejung and Ralph A. Haworth

Clifford Healy

Mrs. Dorothy R. Hesketh

Loretta Horner

Mr. and Mrs. Renato lafrate

Leslie D. Improta

Susan and Paul Izzo

Col. and Mrs. Donald Jalbert

Joseph and Ruth Johnston

Christine Jonson

Janet Judge

George and Ellen Kellner

Emma and John Kershaw

Kathleen and George Kinnear

Leslie and Clayton Lanphear

Jeanette and John Lemieux

The Lemons Family

Thelma Leo

Nicholas and Elena Leone

Patricia Lockaby

Dorinda Lohrma

David J. and Linda London

Agnes Lynch (In Memory ofEdward B. Perry)

The Lynch Family

Louise MacDonald

Richard and Anne Mandeville

Ruth Mans

Loretta and David Mason

Joseph and Doris Massicotte (In Memory of Edward B. Perry)

Arthur and Margaret McAteer

Delores McCartin

Margaret McDonald

Helen McKenney

Marjorie F. McNiff

Thomas and Anne Monk

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moriarty (In Memory of Elizabeth G. Baker)

Mary Mowry


James and Beatrice Murphy


Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Murray

Verna and Ronald Nani

Sally J. Newhams

Dorothy Noonan

Rebecca Nussier

Barbara O'Hara

Mary and Neil Oster

The Pascucci Family

Murielle and Emil Peloquin

Robert W. MacDonald

Kate and Gary Penfield

Frances and Henry Petit

Sarah Perry and Priscilla Scheidemantil (In Memory of Edward B. Perry)

Arthur P. and Angelina Petrosinelli

Janice Picano

Evelyn Pimenta

Mrs. Elliot B. Plummer

Adella and Mathew Poftak

Robert and Audrey Poliquin

The Pora Family

Linda and Raymond Quirini

Lorraine P. Reardon

Raymond and Joyce A. Reilly

Mary Lou Ricci

Sandra K. Richard

Mrs. Mildred Ronci

Ruth Rylander

Muriel 0. Ryone

Mrs. Hilda Sabatino

Edward and Verna Sagatis

Nidal and Denise Saliba

The Salisbury Family

Mrs. Eva Schaffer

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Scott

Mr. and Mrs. William Shepard

Norman and Marilyn Shorrock

Frances and Ian Sinclair (Matching Grant)

James and Helen Sisco

Barbara and Earl Smith

Annette Sparting

Linda Steere (In Memory of Elizabeth G. Baker)

Russell Steere (In Memory of Elizabeth G. Baker)

Kenneth and Annette Stockley

Thomas and Gabrielle Stones

Eleanor Sullivan

Cecile Tamulewicz

Barbara and George Tessier

Eldora L. Tessitore

Michael and Leila M. Thayer

Mary Toppi

Diane Tucker

John Tucker, IV

Judith and John Ursillo

William J. Vanderlugt

Victor F. Ventura

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #10505

Melissa Walker

Edna and Arnold Waterman

John Whooley

Mrs. Ruth Wild

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Business Community Contributors 1987-1990

American Protective Company

Apple Country Donuts & Pastries

Apple Valley Agency, Inc.

Apple Valley Mall Laundromat

Computer Associates, Inc.

Duxbury & Ray Insurance Agency

Frederick Gumm Chemical Company

Gorham, Division of Textron

Laser Fare Ltd

Smithfield Lumber Company

Matching Grants

Allendale Insurance (John and Jeanette Lemieux)

Travelers Insurance (Ian and Frances Sinclair)

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1 9 91

The following Contributors desired their donations to be used for the specific purposes listed below:

Director's Office

The Edward B. Perry Room - The Board of Trustees

Assistant Director's Office

The Kountry Kitchen - James and Muriel Meehan

Secretary's Office

The Adler Brothers Construction Company

Conference Room

The Elizabeth G. Baker Room - The Board of Trustees

Reference Section

Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Lisa

Quiet Listening Room

The Smithfield Lions' Club

Display Case

Grace Castle Lemon In Memory of Lillian Barnsley Castle

Study Desk

The Hebert Nursing Home Dr. and Mrs. Paul Osenkowski

Television Set

Rhode Island Hospital Trust National Bank

Book Carousel

Dr. and Mrs. James Balukjian

Hubert and Priscilla Holt In Memory of Andrew B. Winsor

National and State Flags

Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post #10505

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Book Shelf

Scott and Donna Adler

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Annicelli, Jr.

Parking Lot

Edward G. Costa


The Champlin Foundations

The John E. Fogarty Center

Leslie D. Improta

David and Linda London

Robert W. MacDonald

Evelyn Pimenta

Robert and Barbara Westcott

Wyit and Elinor Wright


Neil Adler

Nicholas Adler

Ann Marie and Louis H. Agugiaro

Apple Valley Laundroma

Morris and Laila Ovadia

Audet Familv

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Audet

Mr. Theodore J. Audet

Mrs. Linda M. Audet

Ms. Andrea J. Audet

Ms. Nicole E. Audet

Susan Barrach

Kenneth and Lorraine Borst

Duane and Nancy Bourdo

Barbara Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Butterworth

Dr. Carmine J. and Jane Capalb

Jane R. Cardosa

John R. Cardos

Joan and Peter Carlson

Ralph and Mildred Carlson

Pietro Castriotta

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ciotola

Norman E. Chapmam

Barbara Conti

Anna T. DeFilippo

Anthony and Ann DeQuattro

Michael and Charlene Derham

Robert and Shirley Dobson

Loretta G. Dubuque

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ducharme

Frederick Gunim Chemical Company

Duncan and Virginia Gifford

Janice Hall Goins

Matthew Lawrence Goudreau

Lorraine C. Hartmann

Ralph and Haejung Haworth

Loretta Horner

Susan and Paul Izzo

Anne and Richard Mandeville

Ruth Mansi

Margaret M. McDonald

Dorothy E. Noonan

Dr. and Mrs. E. Papaefthimiou

Emil and Murielle Peloquin

Angelina D. Petrosinelli

Janice C. Picano

Adella E. Poftak

Mathew H. Poftak

Robert J. Poliquin

Stanley and Kathleen Pora

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Reilly

Sandra K. Richard

Hilda L. Sabatino

Mary V. Salisbury

Richard and Ann Scott

Earl and Barbara Smith

Helen and James Sisco

Barbara Tessier

Diane M. Tucker

William J. Vanderlugt

John J. Whooley

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Bruce and Bonnie Bennett

Peter and Susan Bissell

Thomas and Elizabeth Cotter

Duxbury and Ray Insurance Company

Mr. and Mrs. David Edwards

John A. Fanning

Ann Gerlach

Laser Fare Ltd.

Dr. and Mrs. E. Papaefthimiou

Norma and Danny Salzillo

John R. Tucker, IV


Mrs. Mary Pascone

Business Community Capital Campaign 1987-1990 -


AAA Auto Club

Chris Clark Realtors

Club 44

Continental Travel

Fabulous Magicians

Findings, Inc. (In Memory of Edward B. Perry)

Fogarty Center

Hospital Trust National Bank

lannitelli Agency, Inc.

James L. Tucker Funeral Home

Jaswell's Farm

LaBrie Shoes

Lawrence Sutcliffe, Inc.

Nation-Wide Tractor Training

New England Container Company

Ocean State Thermotics

Portuguese-American Club

Rhode Island Employee Assistance Program

Rhode Island Genealogical Society

Sir Speedy Printers

Martha Smith

Winfield Funeral Home


David Presbrey Architects, Inc.
David Presbrey
Luis Torrado


The Alhambra Building Company
Donald lhlefeld
William M. Armstrong, Sr.


Almonte and Lisa
Carl Lisa, Esq.
Louis Sousa, Esq

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