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Welcome to the
Greenville Public Library
On-line Art Gallery

The Greenville Public Library On-line Art Gallery gathers together, for permanet display, images and commentary by artists whose works have been on display in the library. The library encourages each artist to "amplify' their works by providing comment on each work and/or a statement of their philosophy of art. It is therefore hoped to make this web-space a place for the enjoyment of art and a place of reflection.

Index of Gallery Artists


John C. Chamberlin

Deborah Femino

Bernie Gallant
with interview

Stacey Graham

Elaine M. R. Gauthier

Dorothy James


Janet Gorniewicz
(Video Interview 1 for
Cable Connections)

(Video Interview 2
Cable Connections

Diane Hoxie

Donald Lacasse

Dorothy Coyne Ladd

Judy Adrienne Newton
with interview


Lisa Pastille with interview

Carol Pentleton

Martin Resnick

Rebecca Tremblay

Abigail Test

Bob Woodford


Art by students of the
R.I. Guild of Home Teachers
taught by Adele Karbowski

"One Starry Night"
Student Paintings March 2005

Student Paintings October 2005

"Masks" November 2005

The Year's Work 2007


The art work on the next 8 pages is a year and a half of student’s work. Students came to the library every Wednesday to journey across the art history timeline and to learn the foundations of art. The classes with students ages 5 to 8 learned the principles and elements of art while the older students studied the art of the ancient Egyptians through 20th century Pop Art. They looked at the art of 16 different times and movements that included the ancient Romans, the Renaissance, Impressionism, and Abstract Art.  Inspired by those artists, the students created their own art in many different mediums that included watercolor, charcoal, clay, pastel, and collage. The classes culminated in an art opening and show held on June 13, 2007 at the Greenville Public Library. Please check out this beautiful and creative work on these pages.