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Internet Use Policy and Disclaimer


The Greenville Public Library subscribes to the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights, which affirms that all libraries are forums for information and ideas. The Library maintains a website and provides access to the Internet as one means of fulfilling its mission to provide comprehensive library services to the residents of Smithfield. The Greenville Public Library works cooperatively with other libraries and agencies to provide access to a wide variety of materials and information services to meet the community's needs. 

The Library is committed to its role in serving the information and lifelong learning needs of all of its users. Providing access to the Internet can enable the Library to expand greatly its information services beyond the traditional collections and resources. 

The Internet offers unlimited global access to information. However, not all information on the Internet is accurate, complete, current or legal. One should be very careful when obtaining information from the Internet and consider the reputation of the author and source. Never rely solely on information obtained from the Internet, especially in the area of health and medicine. The Greenville Public Library is unable to monitor or control the content of the materials on the Internet which changes rapidly and unpredictably.

Unauthorized Access 

Users of the Library's computing resources must comply with federal and state laws, Library rules and policies, and the terms of applicable contracts including software licenses while using Library computing resources. Examples of applicable laws, rules and policies include laws of libel, privacy, copyright, trademark, obscenity and child pornography; Rhode Island general laws 11-52-2, 11-52-3, 11-52-4, 11-52-4.1, and 11-52-8 which pertain to access to computers for fraudulent purposes, damage or alteration to software and equipment, computer theft, computer trespass, and tampering with computer source documents (hacking). Installation, downloading, or modification of software is prohibited. Viewing or causing others to view child pornography is illegal. Violators of state and federal computer and child pornography laws will be prosecuted.

Safety and Security of Minors

My rules for Online Safety on the Information Highway appended to the policy.

All library computers are filtered at the consortium network level. The Library assumes no liability in the event the filter is not 100% effective. The library observes all applicable Federal, State and local laws. Parents and guardians of children under the age of 18 are responsible for their children's use of the Internet.

Parents and children are encouraged to read "My Rules for Online Safety", taken from Child Safety on the Information Highway, jointly produced by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Interactive Services Association, a copy of which can be obtained from the Reference or Children's Department. 

Termination or Prohibition of User Access

Library staff are authorized to terminate any user's access session, given cause to believe that the user has failed to comply with the Internet Use Policy and Disclaimer. Library staff reserve the right to request that offensive material not be viewed. Disagreements need to be resolved by the Library director. Each case needs to be judged on its research value. Material that is restricted by age cannot be viewed in a public area. Users displaying inappropriate behavior, as defined in the Library's behavior policy, will be asked to leave the Library. Illegal behavior will be prosecuted. 

[Approved by the Board of Trustees May 26, 2016 ]

[Approved by the Board of Trustees June 1996]

[Updated February 15, 2000]

[Updated June 27, 2002]