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Poetry At Greenville

Laurence J. Sasso, Jr.



My finger

squeezing in

like a brother

next to the carrot


a shard of sharp stone


blood and loam

clog under the nail


While I shake off pain

I think maybe the stone

is exotic: moon rock,

meteor chip buried

to wait


I am injected

with planets


my genes are affected


children of my children

will leave craters where

they walk


tides will rise up

to their breasts

their mouths, ears, noses

will be mouth, ears, nose

xxxof the moon


they will look back

xxxxto me across

streams of bright vapor


the carrot comes loose

xxxxllike a boy tooth


I grunt and I suck

on my finger


I taste star.


Copyright © Laurence J. Sasso, Jr.
Used by permission of the author.