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Bottled Up
Jaye Murray

Publishing Information: Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers, 2004
ISBN: 0803728972/0142402400 (PB)
: 220
Ages: 15 & Up

A high school boy comes to terms with his drug addiction, life with an alcoholic father, and a younger brother who looks up to him.

Subject Headings & Major Themes:

Drug Abuse
Family Problems
High Schools
Substance Abuse Education

Awards & Reviews:
YALSA Best Books for Young Adults, 2005

School Library Journal, June 2003, p.146

Discussion Questions and Ideas:

  1. Tell how you think Pip feels when his brother is hurt.
  2. What factors/people do you feel helped change Pip?
  3. Do you believe that cycles of abuse/violence can be broken?
  4. How does each one of us discover who he/she is as opposed to who he/she thinks she should be?
  5. Contrast the statements Pip makes with his actual thoughts.
  6. We all have responsibilities and expectations placed upon us, so how much do we control our own lives?
  7. Give an example of how different choices might bring different consequences.
  8. Pip has become "bottled up," how does he begin to open up?
  9. What do you think Pip is most afraid of?
  10. Who do you think helps Pip the most?
  11. Talk about how the different members of Pip's family deal with his abusive father.

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About the Author:
First-time novelist Jaye Murray is a social worker who lives in New Rochelle, New York. She received her Master of Arts in Writing from Manhattanville College May, 2004.

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