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List of Nominees for 2006
The 21 books listed below, published between 2003 and 2005, were nominated by the Rhode Island Teen Book Award Committee based on their literary quality and their appeal to teens.

Recommended for Middle School Students
by Kenneth Oppel

Matt Cruse must help save his luxury airship, Aurora, from pirates, shipwreck, and mysterious flying creatures.
Discussion Module

Lily's Ghosts
by Laura Ruby

When Lily and her mother move into her great-uncle's house, Lily begins to experience strange things and wonders if the house is haunted.
Discussion Module

So Hard to Say
by Alex Sanchez

When Frederick moves into town he quickly becomes friends with Xio.  When she starts to like him as more than a friend, he must confront the fact he may be gay.
Discussion Module

Letters from Wolfie
by Patti Sherlock

Mark sees his family torn apart when his brother goes off to fight in Vietnam and Mark volunteers his beloved Wolfie to serve as an Army scout dog.
Discussion Module

The Wish List
by Eoin Colfer

After a robbery-gone-wrong leads to death, Meg is flung into Limbo.  To reach Heaven she must help Lowrie, the victim, achieve his "wish list" before the Devil's henchmen get to her.
Discussion Module

Recommended for All Teens
The Sea of Trolls
by Nancy Farmer

Ships and swords take Jack and Lucy from their family. Jack's magic protects them from the rage of their Viking captors, but it's going to take a quest to get home safely.   
Discussion Module

Nothing to Lose
by Alex Flinn

A year after running away with a traveling carnival to escape his unbearable home life, Michael returns to find that his mother is on trial for the murder of his abusive stepfather.
Discussion Module

Girl, 15, Charming But Insane
by Sue Limb

With a chest that refuses to develop and a butt that is all too developed, how can Jess get dream guy Ben to notice her -- especially when her best friend is a gorgeous, perfect blonde?
Discussion Module

The Wee Free Men
by Terry Pratchett

When worlds collide, it's up to a fierce group of Fairyland exiles and a witch-in-training to stop an invasion of monsters. Tiffany is only nine, but she has a frying pan and some little blue men ... a partnership that can't fail. 
Discussion Module

Mortal Engines
by Philip Reeve

It is the distant future when cities move about and devour smaller towns. When Tom is almost killed by the man he most admires, he must seek answers in the perilous Out-Country, aided by his new friend Hester.
Discussion Module

One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies
by Sonya Sones

Ruby leaves her best friend, her boyfriend, her aunt, and her mother's grave in Boston and reluctantly flies to Los Angeles to live with her father, a famous movie star she barely knows.
Discussion Module

Can't Get There from Here
by Todd Strasser

Tired of living on the streets with a tribe of other homeless teenagers who are dying, Maybe ponders her future and longs for someone to care about her.
Discussion Module

So Yesterday
by Scott Westerfeld

Hunter is paid by corporations to spot what is cool, but his hunting takes on a new twist when he and his new friend Jen must find a missing person and thwart a conspiracy directed at the heart of consumer culture.
Discussion Module

The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray
by Chris Wooding

In a world similar to Victorian London, Thaniel, a hunter of deadly, demonic creatures called the wych-kin, takes in a lost, possessed girl and becomes embroiled in a plot to unleash evil on the world.
Discussion Module

Emako Blue
by Brenda Woods

Newly arrived at an LA high school, gifted singer Emako Blue is admired for her voice by Monterey, Jamal, and Eddie, but envied by Savannah. Suddenly, all of these teens must grow up quickly when an accident turns tragic.
Discussion Module

Recommended for High School Students
by Graham McNamee

Trapped in a boring summer job working in the Transit Authority's lost-and-found, Duncan finds the diary of a would-be serial killer and launches his own investigation. Will he be able to find the killer and stop him?
Discussion Module

Bottled Up
by Jaye Murray

A high school boy on the edge faces the choice of what path his life is going to take. Will he follow his father's destructive path or choose a future avoiding addiction and cruelty?
Discussion Module

by Julie Anne Peters

Regan puts her life on hold as she worries that someone will learn about her brother Liam's secret. Outwardly, he plays the role of the son every father wants, but inside he is a young woman named Luna.
Discussion Module

Fault Line
by Janet Tashjian

Becky feels more alive and confident as she enjoys Kip's attention and their shared interest in stand-up comedy. As the relationship turns violent, she realizes she must seek help before losing her identity and self-esteem completely.
Discussion Module

Double Helix
by Nancy Werlin

Eli discovers a shocking secret about his family while working for a Nobel Prize-winning geneticist.
Discussion Module

Heart on My Sleeve
by Ellen Wittlinger

From the end of high school to the beginning of college, Chloe and Julian deal with major life changes and explore their feelings for each other through emails, letters, and a visit.
Discussion Module

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