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Bylaws of the Rhode Island Teen Book Award Committee

Section 1
: The name of the organization shall be Rhode Island Teen Book Award Committee (RITBA).

Section 2: The RITBA Committee is organized exclusively for educational purposes, more specifically to promote young adult literature in the schools, libraries and communities of Rhode Island. The organization will assemble for the purpose of organizing the selection of and bestowing the Rhode Island Teen Book Award.

Section 1: Membership will be open to any interested party, including librarians, school library media specialists, college students in a related field and parents of young adults.

Section 2: To maintain membership in the organization (following the initial year of membership) members must have demonstrated continuous participation in the selection process.   Participation is defined as attendance at bi-annual meetings, special meetings, and at least 2 working meetings during the nomination selection process as well ascontributions to the selection process for nominated books. Each member is also required to read a minimum of 15 books for each list (Middle School or High School) in which he or ship participates.

Section 1: Bi-Annual Meetings. The dates of the two regular meetings (Fall and Spring) shall be set by the Board of Directors who shall also set the time and place.

Section 2: Special Meetings. Special meetings may be called by an officer of the organization.

Section 3: Notice. Notice of each meeting shall be given to each member, by e-mail, not less than five days before the meeting.

Section 1: Board Role, Size, Compensation. The Board is responsible for overall policy and direction of the Council, and delegates responsibility for day-to-day operations to the RITBA Committee Director and sub-committees. The Board shall have up to three and not fewer than two members. The board receives no compensation other than reasonable expenses.

Section 2: Board Elections. Election of new board members or election of current board members to a second term will occur as the first item of business at the Spring meeting of the membership. Board members will be elected by a majority vote of the current membership.

Section 3 : Terms. All Board members shall serve one year terms, but are eligible for re-election.

Section 4 : Quorum. A quorum must be attended by at least 20% percent of the Board members before business can be transacted or motions made or passed.

Section 5 : Notice. An official Board meeting requires that each Board member have written notice (print or electronic) one week in advance.

Section 6 : Officers and Duties. There shall be three officers of the Board consisting of a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Their duties are as follows:

a. The Chair shall convene regularly scheduled   meetings, shall preside or arrange for other members of the executive committee to preside at each meeting in the following order:   Secretary and Treasurer.

b. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping records of organization's actions, including overseeing the taking of minutes at all meetings, sending out meeting announcements, distributing copies of minutes and agendas to each   member.

c. The Treasurer shall make a report at each bi-annual meeting. Treasurer shall chair the finance committee, assist in the preparation of the budget, help develop fundraising plans, and make financial information available to members and the public. All expenditures authorized by the treasurer shall be approved by at least one other officer of the organization.

d. In conjunction, the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be responsible for setting the criteria for the selection of materials for the RITBA nomination list. Each book nominated must meet the requirements for eligibility. Books can only be removed from consideration after 1/4 of the group membership has read the title or if 1/3 of the membership has read the title and its average score is 7.00 or less.

Section 7 : Vacancies. When a vacancy on the Board exists, nominations for new members may be received from present members by the Secretary two weeks in advance of   a special/bi-annual meeting. These nominations shall be sent out to members with the regular   meeting announcement, to be voted upon at the next meeting. These vacancies will be filled only to the end of the particular Board member's term.

Section 8 : Resignation, Termination and Absences. Resignation from the Board must be in writing and received by the Secretary. A Board member shall be dropped for excess absences from the Board if s/he has three unexcused absences from Board meetings in a year. A Board member may be removed for other reasons by a three-fourths vote of the membership.

Section 9 : Special Meetings. Special meetings of the Board shall be called upon the request of the Chair or one-third of the membership. Notices of special meetings shall be sent out by the Secretary to each Board member by e-mail at least one week in advance.

Section 1: The Board may create committees as needed, such as fundraising, housing, etc. The Board Chair appoints all committee chairs.

Section 2: Finance Committee. The Treasurer is chair of the Finance Committee, which includes up to three other members. The Finance Committee is responsible for developing and reviewing fiscal procedures, a fundraising plan, and annual budget with staff and other   members. The membership must approve the budget, and all expenditures must be within the budget. The fiscal year shall be the calendar year. Annual reports are required to be submitted to the membership at the Spring meeting showing income, expenditures and pending income. The financial records of the organization are public information and shall be made available to the membership and the public.

Section 1: These Bylaws may be amended when necessary by a two-thirds majority of the membership. Proposed amendments must be submitted to the Secretary to be sent out with regular Board announcements.

These Bylaws were approved at a meeting of the membership on December 16, 2003.
The Bylaws were updated at a meeting of the membership on April 13, 2006.
The Bylaws were updated at a meeting of the membership on April 11, 2007

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