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How the Election Works

Well, we are done with the major elections, but there are still some important things to vote. January is the time of year when the teens of Rhode Island get a chance to pick the book they think is the best one they have read from a list selected by teachers, public librarians, and school library media specialists. That's right! It is election time for the 2005 Rhode Island Teen Book Award.

Where can our teens vote? Well, they can do it in their schools and local public libraries. Interested schools and libraries find a basic "official" ballot that can be adapted for use at the site on the Rhode Island Teen Book Award website ( Just copy and past the form into a word processing program and adapt it in whatever manner you need. Ballots can be accepted by the participating schools and libraries throughout the month of January. Voting results should be emailed to the committee at . Marianne should have your results by February 27 at the latest.

If you have any questions about the voting process, the current list, or how the award program works, please free to contact Aaron Coutu, the committee chair, at work (949-3630 x103) or via email (

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