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Strategies to Get Students to Read RITBA Nominees And Vote on Them

•  Put the books on the Summer Reading List

•  Publicize them during National Library Week in April

•  Publicize them during Teen Read Week in October

•  Support the requirement that students read 25 books outside the curriculum (Public School Standards)

•  Put titles (with annotations) on bookmarks

•  Put up posters - put 'em all over the place!

•  Booktalk the books to the English Department

•  Ask the English teachers to talk up the books

•  Ask the English Department to require the students to read them

•  Design bulletin board highlighting the titles

•  Place a chart on the wall tallying the votes as they come in

•  Put stickers on book spines

•  Designate a special display area

•  Booktalk - to students and teachers - at every possible opportunity

•  Publicize the titles and election on the school or library web page

•  Attach comment sheets to the books

•  Submit a press release to school, local, and state newspapers

•  Create a "Reader meter" indicating what's being read

•  Stage an "Introducing RITBA 2004" presentation after school or in library

•  Recommend the titles to any book clubs or discussion groups that you know

•  Present book discussions on the various title

•  Offer a drawing for those who participate in the election at your site

•  Offer a free gift if the student or patron votes in the election

•  Ask English teachers to include participation in the election as extra credit or a requirement

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