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Homework Helpers and Fun Sites
001 Generalities: Reference Works, Computers etc.

Amazon (http://www.amazon.com) This bookstore on the Web inlcudes book reviews, interviews, and an opportunity to buy books.

B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper (http://school.discovery.com/homeworkhelp/bjpinchbeck/) This site created by a 10-year-old. It has a good list of search engines and links to various sites for help with homework by subject.

Bookwire (http://www.bookwire.com/bookwire/) Miscellany of book related sites including authors' web sites and various 'famous' libraries in U.S. Also book reviews.

History of Computers (http://www.hitmill.com/computers/computerhx1.html)This site contains a resource list for students relating to computer history.

History of the Internet (http://www.isoc.org/internet/history/cerf.shtml) The Internet Society provides access to these compilated histories of the Internet.

The Internet Public Library, Teenspace  (http://www.ipl.org/div/teen/) Many links... topics include Homework Help. Topics covered include Dating and Relationships, Issues and Conflicts, and more.

Lifelines (http://midhudson.org/lifelines/) This site provides homework resources for students, parents and librarians at grade levels from Grades 5 to 12.

OH! Teens (http://www.oplin.org/teenhome.php) Ohio Library list of sites for kids of all ages. Things for tots to teens, homework helpers, interactivities.

The Providence Journal Bulletin (http://www.projo.com) Rhode Island's state-wide newspaper on-line with a searchable archive database.

Refdesk (http://www.refdesk.com) This site provides links to information on various topics.

Teen Hoopla  (http://www.ala.org/teenhoopla/) An Internet Guide for Teens. A source for sites from homework help to comic strips.

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