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Homework Helpers and Fun Sites
200 Religion

African Traditional Religtion (http://afrikaworld.net/afrel/) Explore African traditional religion in relationship to other major religions and consider the role of women, social justice, religious music and other topics in traditional Africa.

B'nai B'rith Youth Organization (http://www.bnaibrith.org/members/index_ylan.cfm) The official website for the worldwide Jewish organization designated to develop personal, cultural, and community growth.

Buddha Mind (http://www.abm.ndirect.co.uk) This site provides and intriguing introduction to Buddhism.

Bulfinch's Mythology At the sites below, find the digitalized versions of the classic works that make up Bulfinch's Mythology.

Catholic Encyclopedia (http://www.knight.org/advent/cathen/) Articles from the classic encyclopedia cover the important people, saints, practices, and beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church.

Dictionary of Egyptian Gods (http://www.osirisweb.com/egypt/director.htm) For access to information about all the various gods that reigned in Ancient Egypt, this site provides concise dictionary-length articles.

Druidism Guide (http://www.wildideas.net/cathbad/druid.html) Druidism is the religion of the Celtic peoples of the pre-Christian British Isles and Gauls. This site contains both historical information about the religion as well as information on modern Druidism.

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary (http://www.ccel.org/e/easton/ebd/ebd.html) This is the Third Edition of the Dictionary compiled by M.G. Easton. Please note that the illustrations have not been included.

Encyclopedia Mythica (http://www.pantheon.org/mythica) This encyclopedia provides articles covering the gods, goddesses, heroes, and creatures featured in the annals of world mythology.

The Pagan Web (http://www.thepaganweb.com) Looking for information about Wizza? Find great information about what it is and is not. There is also a recommended reading list and links to other sites.

Religious Movements Homepage (http://religiousmovements.lib.virginia.edu) This site contains information about the history, sacred texts, and beliefs of over 200 religious movements.

Taoism Information International (http://www.clas.ufl.edu/users/gthursby/taoism/) Access to classical Taoist texts are presented with this site, which also explores the relationship between Taoism and martial arts, alchemy and feng shui, and Buddhism and Confucianism.

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